I’ve never been one to day dream. I’m typically quite focused and am able to fully engage in whatever the task is at hand. However whether you are busy at work making intricate complex coffee drinks, tracking financials on spreadsheets or alphabetizing your Outlook in box, sometimes it’s fun to mentally break away and picture what your life might be like elsewhere. But where would you go? Ireland? Switzerland? Or maybe somewhere a little more Far Far Away?

In a Facebook poll I asked a group of my friends if they could live in any Disney movie setting where would they go and why?

  1.  Chilling with Aladdin and Abu in Agrabah

Nothing likfire-eaters-634585_1280e a dry heat to clean out the pores and sweat out some toxins. Especially with the properly ventilated ensembles that Aladdin and Jasmine rocked on the regular.

I’m not into hiking around the desert though, so this would only work if Carpet was hanging with us as well…and maybe a free’d genie who just wants
to hang out and grant wishes because he loves us.

  1. Flying with Peter Pan

Neverland would be a nice break from reality – frolicking through the wilderness with the Lost Boys, fighting Pirates where no one really ever seems to get hurt, checking in with the Mermaids and the Indians from time to time, and of course flying back to London whenever you feel so inclined!

And seriously, who really wakes up in the morning and says “I want to grow up and be an adult today!” Nobody.

  1.  Eating baguettes and reading a book with Belle in France

Sure the town’s folk are a little close minded and quick to grab a pitch fork, but that’s nothing a catchy little song and dance can’t correct! They had a book store, a bakery, tavern local lore of a scary man eating beast (who coincidentally is kinder and more accepting than the lot of them combined,) and “my dear, that’s fine with me!”

  1. Mentor with Merida on how to be Brave

Who doesn’t want to live in Scotland?! Witches, spells, whisps, magic! And let’s not forget the breath taking scenery.

Personally I wake up every morning shouting “I dont want to go to work! I want to stay home ‘and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset.'”

  1. Helping Alice Navigate Wonderland

Wonderland would be equal parts interesting and terrifying. Every inhabitant is a bit mad, but all typically willing to help at some point or another. This would offer up another fantastic opportunity to burst into song and dance with a flower garden or deck of cards and it would never be considered rude to blatantly blurt out “Who are you?” to strangers.

And there seems to always be more tea, even when it isn’t your very un-birthday.

  1.  Become a swashbuckler with Captain Jack Sparrowpirate-667763_1280

Taking a step back from the impromptu musicals and adventures in animation -how about living out a life long dream of becoming a pirate? I’ve never met a single person that said they didn’t like pirates, even though historically they are not the best profession to idolize.

Disney’s mischievous representation of a haphazard yet unrealistically lucky pirate makes everyone want to put on their best hat and ask “why is the rum gone?”

  1.  Eating Hunny with Pooh in the 100 Acre Wood

walt-disney-238128_1280I really feel like I could make a different in the 100 Acre Wood. I could help Rabbit with his garden, practice scholarly activities with Owl, teach Pooh how to tend to bees, teach aerobics class with Tigger and generally help with grammar and spelling on the local signage.

  1. Fly Up with Carl Fredrickson

Once we’ve finished sobbing in the opening scene of Up, I know we all thought how cool it would be to literally uproot our house and fly around the world.

Not sure I’d want Paradise Falls specifically, but the ability to go anywhere in the comfort of your own home definitely has it’s appeal…not to mention a dog that can explain to you why it’s barking.

  1. Hang ten in Hawaii with Lilo and Stitch

Hawaii is beautiful, exciting, and adventurous – even more so when a small alien is in an intergalactic battle.

Catching a wave, hiking and sipping Mai Tais on a beach sounds much more appealing after Stitch is done being destructive.

  1. Swimming with Ariel Under the Sea

The majority of pollers  (including myself) decided they would want to live Under the Sea (UNDER THE SEA!) with Ariel and all her friends for various reasons: Life long dream of being a mermaid, long healthy red flowing hair, dolphin friends or just to have a solid complexion without even trying.

little-mermaid-501639_1280Gills or some form of water breathing lungs are a must here, or this would be a very short trip. I’d choose Under the Sea with Ariel because of the vast open ocean, a plethora of vocally talented animals, and you’re pretty much the rulers of the sea- the only thing you have to watch out for are sharks and the hook!

Well, time to get back to reality! Share with us your hypothetical Disney themed homeland and why!